Exercise 6: Flux Python API basics

  1. Clone the workflow examples from the flux github:
    $ git clone https://github.com/flux-framework/flux-workflow-examples.git
    $ cd flux-workflow-examples/job-submit-api
  2. Run the job submit api and job cancellation workflow examples. Review the python scripts included in those examples to see how flux methods are being used.
  3. Run the Python Job Submit/Wait, Python Asynchronous Bulk Job Submission, and Using Flux job status and control API work examples. Review the scripts included in those examples to see how the FluxExecutor and concurrent.futures are being used.

Notes / Solutions

  1. Most of the examples explicitly include instructions for getting a Slurm allocation and starting flux. See Section 1 for general instructions on getting an allocation in flux or starting flux under Slurm.
  2. See note 2.

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